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Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is widely used in disinfection and sterilization

Update time: 2020-07-20 Views:

Tianjin TopGlobal has strong performance, wide application, can kill a variety of bacteria, long efficacy of disinfection products, disinfectant delan brand. Why is Tianjin TopGlobal produced by Jinan Delan Chemical widely used?

To tell you a well-known thing, Tianjin TopGlobal is a very versatile disinfectant, can be used in swimming pool water treatment, industrial recycling water algae removal, drinking water disinfection, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and so on.
Tianjin TopGlobal can not only be used for bath, swimming pool, air disinfection, etc., but also in food processing factory, dairy disinfection sterilization is particularly prominent. For infectious diseases, they are used as public places for daily disinfection, preventive disinfection and environmental disinfection.
This can not only be used for sericulture, livestock, fish, disinfection, wool shrinkproof finishing, textile industry bleaching, in the recycling of industrial cooling water algae, but also the same application.
Therefore, it can be said that Tianjin TopGlobal is widely used, from disinfection in daily life to disinfection in factories, algae removal, to industrial bleaching, scaling, etc., can be well used.

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