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Chemical properties and main application fields of sodium yellow blood salt

Update time: 2020-06-14 Views:

Potassium yellow blood salt is basically the same as sodium yellow blood salt. The yellow blood salt sodium in color is a light yellow crystal (lemon yellow monoclinal crystal forming acicular crystal). Potassium yellow blood salt is a lemon yellow monoitalic crystalline powder or granule. Potassium yellow blood salt is slightly more soluble. Easy to hydrolyze under neutral and slightly alkaline conditions, see light decomposition. Brown reagent bottle, drop of hydrochloric acid.

The mother liquor of sodium xanthate contains sodium xanthate, sodium carbonate, sodium formate and other substances. Sodium formate can be used in drilling industry, but the effective component of sodium formate in mother liquor of sodium xanthate is low, so it is difficult to be used directly. The concentration of sodium formate in the wastewater can be increased by using the method of decompressive concentration and direct drying.

Huangxue sodium has become a new target for some investors. The change trend of the future competition pattern of huangxue sodium industry can be judged mainly by analyzing the strategic trend, investment dynamics of mainstream enterprises, investment heat of new entrants and market entry strategies.

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