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Phenolic Resin 2402

HS Code: 39094000
Appearance: yellow platy or block

Properties :
Cas No.:
Composition: P-tert-butylphenol and formaldehyde
Molecular formula: C11H16O2   Molecular weight: 180.2435

2402 phenolic resin alkylphenol disulfide be used to produce end coating for external use, lacquer for floor, marine coating, antirust paint, water based printing ink, and can be used as material of thin film antirust oil products.
The nitrolacquer produced by heating it together with dry oil has good brightness, water resistance, weathering resistance, UV resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and electric insurability, etc.
It can be used both as sulfidizer, intensifier and tackifier when producing terylene adhesive tape,oil pipe anti-corrosive adhesive and adhesive tape, etc.to improve the properties and extent the service period of products.It has wide potential uses in many other industrial products.
Package:25kg net packed in kraft bag    
Commodity: Phenolic Resin 2402
Appearance: Faint yellow platy or lump
Softening point: 85-115 ℃
Viscosity: 31-33 mPa.s (20℃)
Acid value: 49-51 mg KOH/g
Hydroxy Methyl: 9-15%
Free phenol: <1.0%
Ash content: <0.3%

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