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Chloroprene Rubber(CR244)

Peel strength N/CM:
Viscosity in 15% Toluene solution M. Pa .s: CR2441 ---1000-3000; CR2442 ---3000-7000; CR2443 ---7000-10000
Volatile matter %: 1.0max
Ash content %: 1.0max    
HS Code: 40024910
Appearance:Milky white to light yellow lumpy matter, free from mechanical impurities except tale powder.
Synonym:Polychloroprene rubber,Neoprene rubber,CR2441,CR2442,CR2443.

CAS NO.:9010-98-4,M.F.:(C4H5Cl)n;It's characterized by high crystallization rate, strong  cohesion,comparatively high  adhesion strength and excellent ozone resistance.
Viscosity(15% toluene solution):1000-3000;3001-7000;7001-10000.
Application:CR244 rubber is a basic raw material for adhesive production, and its preparation can be applied to adhesion for rubber,timber and metal.
Package:25kg net packed in kraft bag.
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